Tingri :

Rabzang From South Of TingriGyantse is a small town south west of Lhasa . It is one of the few places where the Chinese have not changed much. Gyantse is known because of its Fortress, the Dzong, a very special building, the Kimbum, and a monastery, the Pelkor Chode. The reason why people build a town there is because of the trade in wool.

The location was good because Gyantse was on the road to India . Nowadays it is close to the Friendship Highway . This is a road that literally makes its name true. It is a road that runs at a height of approximate 3500 m above sea level. But for the rest it does not look like a highway as we know it. It is a sandy road that now and than turns out to be jammed because of erosion. The Dzong Fort is build on a hill. You can visit it but than you must walk.

A little further down the road is a wall build around a monastery and a strange building called the Kumbum.

The monastery is called Pelkor Chode. It was founded in 1418. Formally there were a number of monasteries inside the walls but today there is just one left. It is visited by Gelugpa monks. The Kumbum is a building with a strange form. Inside it is even more strage because on the first 4 floors there are rooms that are only on 1 floor but also rooms that extend over 2 floors. Inside you can find a large number of statues. In the gallery of pictures attached to this page you can see a number of the thousand statues.